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Linyi Thunder Rigging CO., Ltd was founded in 1998, located in Linyi City, Shandong Province. Our factory is specialized in the line of rigging hardware, we supply wide ranges of products, such as wire rope clips, shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, rings, thimbles, sleeves and so on.Focus on the diversified development, we build the good relationship with chains factory,webbing slings factory, pulley block factory, load binders factory and stainless steel products factory, to ensure the different needs of our clients with best quality and competitive price.


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Use method and precautions of chain and chain rigging
Requirements for sling construction site
  • How to oil the rigging of the wire rope c...
    Due to the harsh environment of rope rigging, it will lead to corrosion and wear. Therefore, lubrication should be carried out regularly in the process of production and use, which can effectively extend the service life.   First, the core oil, surface oil and rope surface oil should be treated during production.   Rope core immersion oil is an important work in the production of rope rope. The rope core should be carefully dried to water before immersion oil, and the rope core oil ...
  • Sling is widely used in the field of lift...
    Sling is a device for lifting heavy objects in lifting machinery. The commonly used lifting tools are hook, ring, lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. Lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. can be used as a special spaller on the crane, and can also be used as a replaceable auxiliary spaller to hang on the hook temporarily. They are often used in multi-type warehouses and yards to improve the lifting operation efficiency. The spout to grab the loose material is generally a grab bucket with open...
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