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Selection and safe use of sling

The hooks are forged from carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel and heat-treated, and have the characteristics of small volume, light weight and high strength.

The strength classes of hooks are M (4), S (6) and T (8). The hook test load is 2 times the limit working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the limit working load.

Main purpose and scope of application

The hook is mainly used as a connecting tool in lifting operation.

Use and operation

The limit working load and applicable scope of the hook are the test, detection and use basis of the hook. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

The ultimate load percentage of the hook in high and low temperature environment is shown in Table 1.

When the hook is used with the rigging, the environmental conditions should be paid attention to. At the same time, the rigging should not be twisted or knotted.

During the lifting process, the articles which are strictly prohibited to be lifted are impacted and impacted.

The hoisting process should be kept as smooth as possible. It is strictly prohibited to stand under the hoisted items or pass over other items.

Any hook must be tested and hoisted before use.

Post time: Dec-30-2020
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