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Линьи Thunder Rigging CO., Ltd дар соли 1998 таъсис шуда буд, воқеъ дар шаҳри Линьи, вилояти Шандонги. корхонаи мо аст, ки дар хатти rigging сахтафзор махсус, мо таъмини диапазонҳои васеи маҳсулот, ба монанди порчаҳои ресмоне сим, ба ғулҳое, turnbuckles, мошиніои, ҳалқаҳо, thimbles, sleeves ва on.Focus оид ба рушди диверсификатсияи, ки мо сохтани муносибати хуб бо корхонаи занҷирҳову webbing завод slings, корхонаи блоки шкив, бори завод binders ва корхонаи маҳсулоти аз пӯлоди зангногир, ки ба таъмини талаботи гуногуни мизоҷони худро бо беҳтарин сифат ва нархи рақобат.


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  • Proper use of sling and precautions
    ● should be familiar with all kinds of sling and its end parts of the performance, use precautions, scrap standards. ● the sling should be used in accordance with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the workpiece to be hoisted, in the absence of conditions for use, must not be used. ● before the operation, the sling and its accessories should be checked and confirmed to be in good condition before use. ● before hanging, should be correctly selected hanging point, before lif...
  • How to choose the right sling according t...
    Steel wire rope is made of high strength steel wire, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, wear resistance, large elasticity, long life, stable operation under high speed, no noise, safety and reliability, etc. It is the most commonly used sling in lifting and reloading lifting operation. We can choose suitable wire rope sling according to the purpose:       Ordinary lifting, variable length winding rope should be preferred to choose 6 strands of wire contact wi...
  • On the characteristics of wire rope sling
    Wire rope sling is widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, power, coal, communications, aviation, Marine aquatic products, forestry, transportation, construction and other industries, it can be said that wire rope sling has a pivotal position in national production.   Wire rope sling has such an important role, because it has irreplaceable characteristics, from the following wire rope sling material and processing, to give you the analysis of its chara...
  • 2019 намоишгоҳи Ветнам Минро Сити Бинои Маводҳои
    2019 Ветнам Минро Сити Бинои Ma ...
    Мо намоишгоҳи Ветнам Маводи сохтмон дар Минро Сити аз Sep.26th-30, 2019 иштирок хоҳад кард! ба Хаймаи мо Хуш омадед !!!
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