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Standard for inspection of ring of steel wire rope

Steel wire rope sleeve ring, which can also be called the heart ring, it is a kind of lifting machinery. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of heavy industry hoisting. Then the following is a brief introduction of its inspection standards by Piner superior industrial equipment, so that we can understand, and at the same time, but also can increase their own knowledge of steel wire rope.


The inspection standard of steel wire rope set ring, its main, is four:


(1) steel wire rope sleeve ring, the first inspection before leaving the factory, inspection qualified to leave the factory, otherwise can not. In addition, for the inspection of qualified products, also should be attached to the product quality certificate.


(2) its surface should be smooth and flat, without any defects, cracks, sharp edges, etc., and without defects. If there is, it cannot be used.


(3) the surface of rigging ring should be treated so as to prevent corrosion, etc.


(4) for its safety load, there are certain requirements, but also to carry out tests.


Post time: Jan-15-2021
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