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  • Standard for inspection of ring of steel wire rope

    Steel wire rope sleeve ring, which can also be called the heart ring, it is a kind of lifting machinery. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of heavy industry hoisting. Then the following is a brief introduction of its inspection standards by Piner superior industrial equipment, so that we ...
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  • Selection and safe use of sling

    The hooks are forged from carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel and heat-treated, and have the characteristics of small volume, light weight and high strength. The strength classes of hooks are M (4), S (6) and T (8). The hook test load is 2 times the limit working load, and the break...
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  • Daily maintenance of sling

    If the screw lock does not rotate flexibly or in place during the use of the rigging, the adjusting nut should be checked and rechecked The following parts: Whether the stretch spring of the pawl is damaged, if damaged, should be replaced; (2) whether the transmission mechanism is stuck, such as ...
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  • Application of screw fasteners

    Cable screw is widely used in port logistics, ships, power plants, metallurgical industry and other industries. Button rigging spiral filled the original spiral small specifications, focusing on the net is not enough, take into account the varied when tight adjustments tighten in port machinery e...
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  • Should rigging be ductile?

    Rigging is more commonly seen in wire rope fittings, mainly used for hoisting, traction and tension, etc., because of its high strength and toughness, it has been well received by everyone. But should rigging be ductile? So let’s talk about this a little bit. First of all, everything is mal...
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  • How to oil the rigging of the wire rope class

    Due to the harsh environment of rope rigging, it will lead to corrosion and wear. Therefore, lubrication should be carried out regularly in the process of production and use, which can effectively extend the service life.   First, the core oil, surface oil and rope surface oil should be trea...
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  • Sling is widely used in the field of lifting machinery

    Sling is a device for lifting heavy objects in lifting machinery. The commonly used lifting tools are hook, ring, lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. Lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. can be used as a special spaller on the crane, and can also be used as a replaceable auxiliary spaller to han...
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  • Use method and precautions of chain and chain rigging

    1. Before use, the working load and applicable scope of the chain rigging shall be clearly seen on the label. Overload use is strictly prohibited, and visual inspection of the chain rigging shall be carried out before use. 2. In normal operation, the hoisting Angle is the key affecting the load. ...
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  • Requirements for sling construction site

    1. The construction site shall be equipped with enough spare slings of various sizes, which shall be hung at the specified place and put back to its original place after use.   2. Safety working load should be marked on the lute head of the sling, and the insertion rope sleeve should not be ...
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  • Detailed rules for sling management

    We are familiar with some basic knowledge of the sling, but these can not be completely summarized, so there are still many knowledge points waiting for us to explore. I. Procurement and self-restraint 1. When purchasing the sling, the qualified products with safety certificate must be purchased,...
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  • How to select and use the sling correctly

    When we choose the sling, we need to consider the following principles: 1. Selection of sling specifications and types: In general, we suggest that the load, size, shape, weight and hoisting scheme of the object to be lifted should be considered in the selection of specifications, and then the sp...
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  • Precautions for the use of wire rope into lasso

    Wire rope into the lasso points: composite wire rope into a noose, plug, wire rope into the lasso tool to swage wire rope into a noose, single head ring rigging, suppress thimble rigging, single limb thimble rigging, double leg into a noose, three limbs into a noose, limbs into lasso, single limb...
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