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  • Should rigging be ductile?

    Should rigging be ductile?

    Rigging is more commonly seen in wire rope fittings, mainly used for hoisting, traction and tension, etc., because of its high strength and toughness, it has been well received. But should rigging be ductile? So let’s talk about this a little bit. First of all, everything is malleable, it...
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  • Proper use of sling and precautions

    ● should be familiar with all kinds of sling and its end parts of the performance, use precautions, scrap standards. ● the sling should be used in accordance with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the workpiece to be hoisted, in the absence of conditions for use, must not be ...
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  • How to choose the right sling according to the purpose

    Steel wire rope is made of high strength steel wire, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, wear resistance, large elasticity, long life, stable operation under high speed, no noise, safety and reliability, etc. It is the most commonly used sling in lifting and reloading lifting op...
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  • On the characteristics of wire rope sling

    Wire rope sling is widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, power, coal, communications, aviation, Marine aquatic products, forestry, transportation, construction and other industries, it can be said that wire rope sling has a pivotal position in national produc...
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  • 2019 Taispeántas Vítneam Ho Chi Minh City Building Materials

    2019 Taispeántas Vítneam Ho Chi Minh City Building Materials

    Beidh muid ag freastal ar an Taispeántas Ábhair Foirgníochta Vítneam ag Cathair Ho Chi Minh ó Sep.26th-30, 2019! Fáilte go dtí ár n-mboth !!!
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