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Sling is widely used in the field of lifting machinery

Sling is a device for lifting heavy objects in lifting machinery. The commonly used lifting tools are hook, ring, lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. Lifting sucker, clamp and fork, etc. can be used as a special spaller on the crane, and can also be used as a replaceable auxiliary spaller to hang on the hook temporarily. They are often used in multi-type warehouses and yards to improve the lifting operation efficiency. The spout to grab the loose material is generally a grab bucket with open and closed jaw plate, or electromagnetic suction can be used to absorb magnetic materials such as metal chips. Commonly used spallers for lifting liquid materials include holding barrels and lifting tanks, discharging molten steel or chemical solution by tilting or pumping bottom plug, and discharging liquid materials such as concrete by opening the bottom door of the lifting tank.

At present, in order to meet the daily maintenance of large machinery lifting, some domestic sling companies have also designed some special spindles, such as wind power spindles, tower tube spindles, blade spindles, wheel hub spindles, etc.

The collocation of lifting rigging and lifting machinery improves the efficiency and safety of lifting operation, but it is necessary to pay attention to the actual situation and environment of operation, do a good job of follow-up maintenance, and do a more guarantee for safety.

Let’s understand the following points for attention in lifting and lifting operation of sling:

Most of the accidents in the application of the sling are caused by the operator’s lack of professional knowledge. Therefore, it is reminded that the operator’s professional skills are needed to ensure the safety of the whole operation process.

1. First of all, the person in charge must be vigilant and pay attention to the timely adjustment of the sling.

2. Pay attention to whether the cable release length meets the needs, and check whether the cable movement has stuck resistance. When the wind speed exceeds category 6, jacking and elevating shall be prohibited regardless of the wind direction.

3. In case of an instant increase in air volume, the relational set of lifting function and frame should be quit immediately.

4. During the lifting process, the program forbidding changing growth and turning should be closed. Execution or other error event, must exit verification immediately.

5, must be very concerned about the power supply, within the standard area, to avoid accidental slide and life-threatening.

The lifting process of sling has a lot of safety measures to be observed and implemented, which requires the operator to constantly improve their professional technical level, improve the safety awareness of the use of sling and strengthen technical training, which is an important guarantee for the safety of sling and rigging lifting operations.

Post time: Sep-28-2020
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