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Proper use of sling and precautions

● should be familiar with all kinds of sling and its end parts of the performance, use precautions, scrap standards.

● the sling should be used in accordance with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the workpiece to be hoisted, in the absence of conditions for use, must not be used.

● before the operation, the sling and its accessories should be checked and confirmed to be in good condition before use.

● before hanging, should be correctly selected hanging point, before lifting, should confirm whether the binding is firm.

● spenders and accessories shall not exceed their rated lifting weight, and slings shall not exceed the maximum working load under the corresponding hanging state.

● work should prevent damage to the sling and accessories, if necessary in the corners should be added Angle protection.

● the sling should be inspected regularly during the use period. If possible, inspection should be carried out on the large tonnage and important products of the sling and end fittings.

● if the sling tag is missing or blurred, the user should reconfirm the technical performance of the sling, otherwise the sling cannot be used blindly.

● the parts of the sling to be repaired should be repaired in time, otherwise it cannot be used.

● do not operate beyond the ambient temperature to which the sling is adapted.

Understand the lifting Angle, the way and the bearing relationship.


Post time: May-26-2020
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