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On the characteristics of wire rope sling

Wire rope sling is widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, power, coal, communications, aviation, Marine aquatic products, forestry, transportation, construction and other industries, it can be said that wire rope sling has a pivotal position in national production.


Wire rope sling has such an important role, because it has irreplaceable characteristics, from the following wire rope sling material and processing, to give you the analysis of its characteristics.

Wire rope sling is a kind of deep processing product with hot rolled high carbon steel wire as the main raw material. Its processing process is from the hot rolled high carbon steel wire first to produce a variety of rope wire, and then from the rope wire and some other materials (such as rope core, wire grease, etc.) into different varieties and structure of wire rope sling. Wire rope sling has the following characteristics:

1, wire rope sling can transfer long distance load, wire rope sling can withstand a variety of loads and alternating loads;

2. Wire rope sling has high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness; Under high speed working condition, wear-resisting, anti-seismic, good running stability;

3. The steel wire rope sling has good wear resistance and can work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media; Good flexibility of wire rope sling, suitable for traction, pulling, tying and other purposes;

4. The bearing safety factor of wire rope sling is large, and the use is safe and reliable; The rope sling is light in weight and easy to carry and transport.


Post time: Apr-28-2020
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