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How to oil the rigging of the wire rope

Due to the harsh environment of rope rigging, it will lead to corrosion and wear. Therefore, lubrication should be carried out regularly in the process of production and use, which can effectively extend the service life.

First, the core oil, surface oil and rope surface oil should be treated during production.

Rope core immersion oil is an important work in the production of rope rope. The rope core should be carefully dried to water before immersion oil, and the rope core oil content should be increased as far as possible. The oil content depends on the degree of dryness of the core and the time of oil immersion. In general, the higher the core oil content, the better. The core with high oil content can not only improve the lubrication condition inside the wire rope, but also prevent the core from moldy, deterioration and rot.

The core oil leaching method is divided into atmospheric oil leaching method and vacuum oil leaching method. It is easy to absorb oil under normal pressure in the oil tank, but it is not easy to absorb oil inside the coil and the oil is not uniform. The process of vacuum pressure oil immersion is complex, but the rope core coil can be immersed, the rope core oil immersion is uniform, high oil content. The core immersion temperature varies with the immersion method.

The surface oil can be sprayed on the splicing and rope splicing or soaked after rope splicing. Spraying is to heat the melted liquid oil to the joint of the twister and the rope machine by pressurizing through the tubing, and inject the oil into the twister cone to fill the free space between the wire and the strand. Spraying device can also be individually configured according to the machine. The surface of the wire rope is coated with spray oil.

The method of coating and pouring coating on the surface of rope rope is to set an oil groove between the rope drawing wheel and the wire drawing machine, press the wound rope into the melted grease for oil coating, or through the oil absorbing machine installed above the oil groove, and then spray oil on the surface of the rope.

This method of oiling is easy to produce leakage coating on the surface of the rope, and it can only be applied on the surface of the rope. The lining and coating of the wire rope are not good, which will affect the service life of the wire rope. In order to make up the deficiency of this method, it is suggested to lubricate the wire in the strand by pouring method in order to improve the quality of the surface coating of the wire rope.


Post time: Jun-16-2020
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