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Detailed rules for sling management

We are familiar with some basic knowledge of the sling, but these can not be completely summarized, so there are still many knowledge points waiting for us to explore.

I. Procurement and self-restraint

1. When purchasing the sling, the qualified products with safety certificate must be purchased, and the unqualified products must not be used.

2. If the sling is self-made, it shall meet the quality requirements stipulated by the state and industry, and its technical indicators shall not be lower than those stipulated by the state and professional standards.

Second, the use of

1. Users should be very familiar with the contents of the sling. If they are not familiar with the contents, they should not operate the sling rashly to prevent any danger.

2. The sling selected should conform to or adapt to the external features and requirements of the hoisted workpiece. If not, it shall not be used.

3. Before using the sling, it should be carefully checked. Only after all the checks are correct can it be used; otherwise, it cannot be used.

4. The cable point should be correctly selected before hoisting, and the binding of the workpiece should be confirmed before hoisting.

5. The lifting gear and accessories used shall not exceed the rated lifting weight.

6. The sling and fittings should not be damaged during the operation. If necessary, some protection or protective measures can be taken.

7. After the sling is used, it should be put back to the storage place in time. It cannot be placed at will.

Third, management

1. The using unit shall establish a management system of the sling for effective management.

2. The sling should be checked frequently in daily use, and should be stopped immediately once the defect affecting safety use is found.

3. The unit using the sling should conduct a comprehensive inspection every month, evaluate the safety of the sling according to the safety technical requirements, and make inspection records.

Four, store

Spindles and rigging shall be protected and stored well when they are not in use. The storage place shall meet the requirements and shall not be subject to high temperature, corrosion, moisture and rust. Therefore, certain protective measures shall be taken to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena.


Post time: Aug-20-2020
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